28 January, 2011

~{confessions of a shoe addict part II}~

From Sunday's super haul of vintage finds, I fell in love with these
at first sight. Well, they are gorgeously high heeled and peep toed!
Plus they're suede, a beautiful shade of velvety plum and have
lovely scalloped detailing...

26 January, 2011

~{colour inspiration}~

...A rose from my beau and trinkets from a dresser drawer,
drenched in powder pinks and dreamy oyster whites....

25 January, 2011

~{confessions of a shoe addict}~

I bought some lovely vintage shoes on Sunday. I had made plans
to visit Columbia Road Flower Market with Mr R...buy beautiful flowers...
browse the boutiques along the way...Unfortunately we didn't make
it beyond Brick Lane. I took a detour via Absolute Vintage
and ended up blowing my entire budget, on five pairs of shoes...


Two favourite things...
My vintage silver stilettos and pink peonies in full bloom.

24 January, 2011


Wardrobe Mistress by Something for the Girls was inspired by
my ever growing closet of vintage finds. Featuring eight designs,
the luxury cards are delicately handfinished with fine silver glitter.
The collection was also shortlisted in The Best Art Range
category at the The Henries Awards 2010. If you're in London,
you can purchase the cards from Fortnum and Mason
and we will be adding the cards to our online shop very soon.

19 January, 2011

~{pretty packaging}~

Gift Wrap, Bags & Boxes:
By Something for the Girls for Penny Kennedy
Stockists include Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason
Trade enquiries please contact: sales@pennykennedy.co.uk

~{Something for the Girls}~

A brand new blog for sharing all the beautiful things that inspire
Something for the Girls' cards, canvas prints and bespoke stationery.
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